Sustainability is the foundation of all our efforts


Sustainability is NORD’s core principle guiding all our actions and endeavours. It signifies that sustainability is not just a component but the fundamental base of everything we do.

We are deeply committed to sourcing excellent, fresh, and responsibly-sourced ingredients, with many sourced within just a short journey from our restaurant's kitchen ensuring minimal food miles travelled. All our meat comes from trusted suppliers in the North West. With a strong preference for offering native breeds as this is pivotal to our environmental sustainability. These breeds are uniquely adapted to thrive in our climate and are raised on a diet of grass and forage, which aligns with their natural instincts.

We are privileged to have access to some of the world's finest fishing grounds, with areas like Peterhead and Fraserburgh renowned for their exceptional landings of Hake, Halibut, Haddock, Plaice, and Cod. During the summer months, our own coastline yields abundant treasures such as Sea Bass from Liverpool Bay and Menai.

The selection of shellfish offered via our partners is equally remarkable, boasting hand-dived Scallops harvested directly from the pristine waters of Tarbat on the banks of Loch Fyne, along with live Crabs and Lobsters sourced from Cornwall and the West coast of Scotland. We strive to ensure our seafood is sourced from British waters, to guarantee full traceability and ethical sourcing practices.

Sustainable Suppliers

We collaborate with local suppliers all within a short distance from NORD who share our values, extending beyond the kitchen.

For our flour, we partner with Wild Farmed, who employ regenerative methods to cultivate top-quality grains without chemicals. By 2030, their system aims to offset as much CO2 as a century-old rainforest the size of Greater London. 

We also partner with Growing @ Field 28 who strictly adhere to organic farming practices, utilising a "no-dig" approach. This method enhances soil health and minimises weed growth by abstaining from bed digging. By avoiding disturbance, they preserve the crucial soil life, including microorganisms, fungi, and worms, which nourish plant roots, ensuring greater biodiversity of the soil and upholding a commitment to putting more into the ground than what is taken out.

Our other eco-friendly business initiatives

  • Utilisation of a water filtration system to provide high-quality water without the need for bottled water
  • Designated 'sustainability champions' throughout our organisation who prioritise environmental impact, staff welfare, guest satisfaction, and supplier relationships in our daily operations
  • Strict policy against single-use plastic for food storage in our kitchen facilities
  • Suppliers mandated to transition to recyclable or reusable packaging whenever feasible